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Blank HUTS (1 Files)
Download Blank HUTS Document-editable
Social Studies Curriculum (69 Files)
Download Elementary TEKS Road Maps
Download Middle School TEKS Road Maps
Download High School TEKS Road Maps
Elementary Social Studies (40 Files)
Download Kinder Year at a Glance
Download Kinder Week 1
Download Kinder Week 2
Download Kinder Week 3
Download Kinder Week 4
Download Kinder Week 5
Download Kinder Week 6
Download Grade 1 Year at a Glance
Download Grade 1 Week 2
Download Grade 1 Week 3
Download Grade 1 Week 4
Download Grade 1 Week 5
Download Grade 1 Week 6
Download Grade 2 Year at a Glance
Download Grade 2 Week 1
Download Grade 2 Week 2
Download Grade 2 Week 3
Download Grade 2 Week 4
Download Grade 2 Week 5
Download Grade 2 Week 6
Download Grade 3 Year at a Glance
Download Grade 3 Week 1
Download Grade 3 Week 2
Download Grade 3 Week 3
Download Grade 3 Week 4
Download Grade 3 Week 5
Download Grade 3 Week 6
Download Grade 4 Year at a Glance
Download Grade 4 Week 1
Download Grade 4 Week 2
Download Grade 4 Week 3
Download Grade 4 Week 4
Download Grade 4 Week 5
Download Grade 4 Week 6
Download Grade 5 Year at a Glance
Download Grade 5 Week 2
Download Grade 5 Week 3
Download Grade 5 Week 4
Download Grade 5 Week 5
Download Grade 5 Week 6
Middle School Social Studies (6 Files)
Download 6th Grade Scope and Sequence
Download 6th Grade Lesson Suggestions
Download 7th Grade Scope and Sequence
Download 7th Grade Lesson Suggestions
Download 8th Grade Scope and Sequence
Download 8th Grade Lesson Suggestions
High School Social Studies (3 Files)
Download US Scope and Sequence.doc
Download World Geography Scope and Sequence.doc
Download World History Scope and Sequence.doc
ESC-20 Quick Reference Guides (4 Files)
Download Grade 8 Quick Reference Guide_1.pdf
Download US History Quick Reference Guide.pdf
Download World Geography Quick Reference Guide_1.pdf
Download World History Quick Reference Guide_1.pdf
Lead4ward K-11 Curriculum Snapshots (12 Files)
Download 8th Grade STAAR Snapshot.pdf
Download TEKS Snapshot 1st.pdf
Download TEKS Snapshot 2nd.pdf
Download TEKS Snapshot 3rd.pdf
Download TEKS Snapshot 4th.pdf
Download TEKS Snapshot 5th.pdf
Download TEKS Snapshot 6th.pdf
Download TEKS Snapshot 7th.pdf
Download TEKS Snapshot Kinder.pdf
Download U.S. History Snapshot.pdf
Download World Geography Snapshot.pdf
Download World History Snapshot.pdf
Lead4ward Academic Vocabulary (1 Files)
Download STAAR/EOC Academic Vocabulary
Teacher Resources (15 Files)
Download 42 Different Graphic Organizers from NCU
Download Analysis of a Historical Figure
Download Annotated Timeline
Download APPARTS - College Board Strategy
Download Circle Sequence
Download Classifying Chart
Download Community VIPs Powerpoint
Download Elementary - 8th Grade Connections
Download Founding Fathers Text
Download K-5 Social Studies Glossary
Download My Learning Record
Download The Five Ws
Download Venn Diagram
Download VIPs Museum Notes Sheet
Download Writing in the SS Classroom
General Documents (3 Files)
Download Inventory Form
Download Request for SS Funds
Download Year End Survey