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2013-2014 Employment Dates (2 Files)
Download Auxiliary Employment Days
Download Professional Employment Days
2013-2014 Substitute Pay Rates/Summer School Extra Duty Scale (2 Files)
Download Substitute Pay Rates
Download Summer School Extra Duty Salary Scale
2014 Job Fair Schedule (3 Files)
Download 2014 Job Fair Schedule
Download 2015 Spring Job Fairs
Download Fall Job Fairs
2014-2015 Employee Handbook (1 Files)
Download 2014-2015 EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK
2014-2015 Salary Scales (5 Files)
Download 2014-2015 Classified Payscale
Download 2014-2015 Paraprofessional Payscale
Download 2014-2015 Police Payscale
Download 2014-2015 Teacher Salary Scale
Download 2015-2015 Transportation Payscale
2014-2015 Stipends (1 Files)
Download 2014-2015 Stipends
2014-2015 Substitute Pay Rates (1 Files)
Download 2014-2015 Substitute Pay Rates
2015 Enrollment Booklet (1 Files)
Download 2015 Enrollment Booklet
Deadline for Observation Hours (1 Files)
Download Observation Hours
Extra Duty Salary Scale (1 Files)
Download Extra Duty Salary Scale
Benefits (20 Files)
Download 2014 Employee Benefits Booklet
Download 2014 Employee Benefits Request Form
Download 2015 Qualifying Event
Download Annuity Form - 457 Distribution
Download Annuity Form - JEM Resources
Download Annuity Form - JEM Resources Fax Cover
Download Health Savings Account (HSA) Application
Download HISD Form - Liability Waiver
Download Humana Insurance Wellness Claim Form
Download Humana/Bay Bridge/Cancer Claim form
Download Insurance Form - 2014 UNUM Disability
Download TRS 2014 Comparability Statement
Download TRS 2014 Group Health Rates
Download TRS 2014 Summary of Benefits
Download TRS Form - TRS 18 Request for Estimate
Download TRS Form - TRS 6 Final Deposit or Withdrawal
Download TRS Form - TRS Change of Address
Download TRS From - RS 11 Beneficiary
Download WC - Accident Report Packet
Download Workers Compensation Provider Listing
Campus Volunteer Form (2 Files)
Download English - Campus Volunteer Form
Download Spanish - Campus Volunteer Form
NCLB (1 Files)
Download NCLB Report 2012