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SHAC - School Health Advisory Council
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The mission of the Harlandale ISD School Health Advisory Council is to facilitate opportunities for our students, parents, staff, and community, through effective communication and education. The SHAC shall raise awareness and increase participation of positive health practices and activities, thus promoting "Healthy Lifestyles".


School Health Advisory Council Members

District Co-Chair:

Parent Co-Chair:

Chairman: Silvestre Hernandez

District Representative: Dolly Armstrong

District Administrative Liason: Marilyn Grubbs



Silvestre Hernandez

Barbara Holbert 

Daniel Pineda

Tracy Holbert

Domingo Cantu

Frances Jasso

Mary Reyes

Juan Mancha 





Dr. Patricia Holmes, Texas A&M San Antonio
Dr. Kelly Dunn, UTHSCSA
Dr. Janna Lesser, UTHSCSA
Dr. Manuel Oscos-Sanchez M.D., UTHSCSA
Rosie Uresti, UTHSC
Jennifer Ramos, City Council, District 3
Michelle Maxwell, Metro Health
Amy Cardenas, JOVEN
Mary Lou Botello, Volunteer
Josie Scales, HISD PTA Council

David Vasquez, Resident

Joyce Ann Hernandez, Volunteer

Rose Martinez, Volunteer

Gyna Juarez, SACADA

Juan Mancha, Volunteer

HISD Representatives:

Kathy Bruck, Exec. Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Amy Perkins, Director of Federal Programs
Samantha Gallegos, Director of Secondary Curriculum & Instruction
Marilyn Grubbs, Student Support Services Coordinator
Ruth Zambrano, Parent Involvement Coordinator
Becky Gonzales, District Social Worker
Rodney LaPoint, Nurse Facilitator
Cynthia Guerra, Middle School P.E. Facilitator
Brian Jaklich, Social Worker Facilitator
Sally Presas, Teen Parent Facilitator
Larissa Cover, High School Coach

Shelly Sheppard, Child Nutrition

Dolly Armstrong, C.A.T.C.H. Facilitaor




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