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About the Geometry in Construction Project

Geometry in Construction involves the applied, practical use of mathematics in a real-world setting. After completing the required construction trades classes and training students will partner with construction industry firms to build a small house using lessons learned during their preparation. 

  • The Geometry in Construction class is an alternative approach to learning Geometry.
  • Class is taught by the Geometry and the Building Trades Teachers:
  • Students will earn 1 Math credit & 1 credit in Building Trades.
  • Students work together for (2) 50 minute blocks of class time every day. 
  • Geometry objectives are the same as the traditional Geometry class.
  • Geometry in Construction lessons are structured around the naturally occurring steps in designing and building a home.
  • Students will apply math concepts by hands-ons building.



Higher Education Prep:

Tech Prep and Dual Crdit Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) for Construction Careers courses leading towards an AAS in Construction Management.

Workforce Skill Development Activities:

  • Construction Trades Career Pathways  
  • Student Internships
  • Training
  • Employment

Where is this course offered?

The Geometry in Construction class is offered at Harlandale High School, but McCollum High School students may take this course as well.


 Project Updates:

September 2011
Students have completed the outer structure of the home. District plumbers, Eddie Farias, and Rudy Benavides will instruct and monitor students as they move into the plumbing phase of the project. 

May 2010
Students in the project completed half of the home being constructed;  it will be finished in the Fall by the new academic year students, and some of our returning Seniors.  TAKS scores in math for sophomores in this project increased by 22% when compared to sophomores who took TAKS math tests last year and were not involved in this type of initiative for applied math. 

Feb. 23, 2010
The architectural house plans are at the San Antonio Permitting Office waiting for approval.  We expect this process to take approximately 2 weeks.  Once house plans are approved the students will begin construction on the house that will be built on the grounds of Harlandale High School.


Geometry in Construction Teachers:

Mr. Mario Rodriguez, Geometry Teacher
Mr. Albert Perez, Building Trades Teacher

Geometry in Construction Sponsors:

San Antonio Improvements, LLC
Hispanic Contractors de San Antonio
Jon Wayne Heating and Air Conditioning
Habitat for Humanity